“You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet”

Movie-making is essentially a family heirloom some preschool teacher brings for show-and-tell, passing it around a circle of sticky-fingered four-year-olds until it's so covered in smudgy fingerprints, it's almost unrecognizable. Gross. But sometimes, one of those gunky mouth-breathers leaves behind a smear that changes the landscape of cinema forever, and gets elevated to the pantheon…Read more “You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet”


Under Construction

     Oh, hi! Yeah, we're open. Come on in. Sorry about the mess; been doing some remodeling. You might want to keep your shoes on...      The short version? The owner's personal life signed on as the lead, “Chickpea,” in the independent film Making Hummus, after which he drove a lawnmower across America,…Read more Under Construction

#13: “I Have Some Trouble Between Fantasy and Reality.”

“Artists are divided into those who create their own inner world, and those who recreate reality. I undoubtedly belong to the first—but that actually alters nothing: my inner world may be of interest to some, others will be left cold or even irritated by it; the point is that the inner world created by cinematic…Read more #13: “I Have Some Trouble Between Fantasy and Reality.”

#12: “I think I could change myself into you if I tried. I mean, inside.”

It’d been awhile since I’d seen this one. I remembered liking it, finding it interesting enough to revisit on this blog. I had forgotten -- or maybe never appreciated -- just how stunning it really was. Liv Ullmann and Bibi Andersson give mesmerizing performances, bringing a naturalism to the oftentimes complex and abstract narrative. Most…Read more #12: “I think I could change myself into you if I tried. I mean, inside.”