#14: Too Little, Too Late

Hey guys, I want to apologize for the way I’ve been neglecting this blog these past couple weeks. I didn’t realize just how bad it’d gotten until I got the mail on Saturday and discovered another Netflix DVD waiting in the box. I now owe you two films in addition to the one I’m writing…Read more #14: Too Little, Too Late


#13: “I Have Some Trouble Between Fantasy and Reality.”

“Artists are divided into those who create their own inner world, and those who recreate reality. I undoubtedly belong to the first—but that actually alters nothing: my inner world may be of interest to some, others will be left cold or even irritated by it; the point is that the inner world created by cinematic…Read more #13: “I Have Some Trouble Between Fantasy and Reality.”

#12: “I think I could change myself into you if I tried. I mean, inside.”

It’d been awhile since I’d seen this one. I remembered liking it, finding it interesting enough to revisit on this blog. I had forgotten -- or maybe never appreciated -- just how stunning it really was. Liv Ullmann and Bibi Andersson give mesmerizing performances, bringing a naturalism to the oftentimes complex and abstract narrative. Most…Read more #12: “I think I could change myself into you if I tried. I mean, inside.”

#8: Le Temps Detruit Tout

From nostalgia for a rural childhood to an urban nightmare that cannot be escaped. Gaspar Noé’s Irréversible is by far the least comfortable cinematic experience I have ever had. With its explicit tour through a gay S&M club, a grisly murder [via fire extinguisher to the face], and its brutal rape scene, it’s not a movie I’d suggest to the casual viewer. Yet its complex camerawork and reversed story-line make it a worthy example of the possibilities of cinema. But again, it is not for general audiences. This beast has some serious teeth.