Hi all. Even though I’m on vacation this week, I wanted to post a quick note about some changes I’ll be making to this blog in the coming months. I’ve taken some time to consider what I’ve done so far, and how well it’s serving the goals of this project. I’m convinced I can do a lot better than I have been.

So, in 2017, look for shorter, more digestible blog entries. If the goal is to learn from each film, and to share what I’ve learned, then I need to focus more on why each film matters, not just on the film itself. My hope is that by zeroing in on one or two aspects of each movie, these posts will be more useful to you, not just a catalog of every nifty thought I had while watching.

Also, I’ve organized the List of 50 into a rough monthly schedule, grouped according to some central idea that I’ll at least touch on with each of that month’s posts [if anyone’s curious, January’s theme is “Looking Forward, Looking Back”].

Finally, I’m hoping to keep this project going beyond the 1 year mark, and have begun compiling a List of 50 for Year Two. If you have suggestions for movies  you’d like to see covered in future entries, leave a comment below.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Keep on truckin’…


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