#7: Even As Also I Am Known

As we begin a new year, it’s only natural to look back -- not only at the year just ended, but those that came before it, reaching even to our earliest memories. How did we arrive at the present moment? How have we become our current selves? Perhaps it’s fitting, then, that we begin this…Read more #7: Even As Also I Am Known


Vacation Week #2: Changes Afoot

Hi all. Even though I'm on vacation this week, I wanted to post a quick note about some changes I'll be making to this blog in the coming months. I've taken some time to consider what I've done so far, and how well it's serving the goals of this project. I'm convinced I can do a lot…Read more Vacation Week #2: Changes Afoot

#6: Ho-Ho-Ho

Some people call this the best Christmas movie of all time. Some people forget that this is a Christmas movie altogether [which makes sense, since the studio inexplicably released in July of 1988]. But given that the whole thing takes place during a Christmas Eve office party turned pseudo-terrorist attack/vault heist, and given the number…Read more #6: Ho-Ho-Ho