#9: Of Monkeys and Space Babies

What makes us human? How do we differentiate Man from the other animals, from his own evolutionary ancestors? And in the distant future, how will we determine the cutoff point between Man and those who supersede him? I first saw 2001: A Space Odyssey when I was sixteen. I thought it sucked. The visuals were…Read more #9: Of Monkeys and Space Babies


#8: Le Temps Detruit Tout

From nostalgia for a rural childhood to an urban nightmare that cannot be escaped. Gaspar Noé’s Irréversible is by far the least comfortable cinematic experience I have ever had. With its explicit tour through a gay S&M club, a grisly murder [via fire extinguisher to the face], and its brutal rape scene, it’s not a movie I’d suggest to the casual viewer. Yet its complex camerawork and reversed story-line make it a worthy example of the possibilities of cinema. But again, it is not for general audiences. This beast has some serious teeth.

#6: Ho-Ho-Ho

Some people call this the best Christmas movie of all time. Some people forget that this is a Christmas movie altogether [which makes sense, since the studio inexplicably released in July of 1988]. But given that the whole thing takes place during a Christmas Eve office party turned pseudo-terrorist attack/vault heist, and given the number…Read more #6: Ho-Ho-Ho